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About Pedal

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Pedal is born out of the community’s insatiable demand for new and fun activities. We are here to help anyone looking for their next challenge, learn a new skill or simply a health nut craving an intense full body workout.

We are passionate

We believe everyone should stay active as long as we live. We are passionate about inspiring people and helping them lead a full and fulfilling life. After all life’s what you make it!

Burning calories can be fun and trendy

Exercising can be fun with the right activity. Master the Halfbike or any of the cycling activities easily with our trainers’ neat tips and tricks and who knows you might just fall in love!

Something For Everyone

We offer a full range of services that’s suitable for everyone. From riding lessons to bike rental and even bike sales customised to your needs, we've got you covered. Through thoughtfully curated plans, get access to quality and premium bikes that suit your lifestyle and needs!


Are you game? Come say hi!

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