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Kids Cycling Lessons


Independence, freedom, joy and laughter, everything we wish every kid will embody in their growing years. 

What better way to demonstrate these values by imparting another life skill that they can always use and enjoy many family moments with you, and with their friends too? And best of all, avoid breaking your back because we can help pedal with the kids.

Train with Pedal's Bikes

At Pedal, we offer the use of one of World’s lightest kids bikes when they kickstart their cycling journey. Designed for comfort and pedalling efficiency, the bikes we use will be an edge to help learn cycling more easily. What’s more, this is of no charge to you as we want to equip the kids with the best to help them succeed like you do. 

• Booking of Lessons: Each booking or payment of $180 is for 2 lessons for each kid; See Lesson Topics for more details

• Duration for each booking: 2 Lessons X 50 minutes each

• Schedule: Select the Date and Time for the first lesson above, and the second one after the first lesson.

• Format: Each participant may have a fellow trainee to cycle with. Maximum 2 persons per lesson.

• Venue: Around the Stadium MRT Station (Lesson will be conducted regardless of the weather) 

Lesson Topics:

Session 1:Balance Basics
Ensuring every kid to ride confidently is key and that’s why it is important to have them learn how to balance and be absolutely comfortably with handling the bike. This first lesson will be all about balance and control. 

Session 2: Pedalling Safely

Safety is our primary concern and we want to ensure all kids not only be able to cycle and be able to do so safely. Besides pedalling, the lesson will also include steering and slowing down to a stop safely.

For all participants, please take note of the following:

Arrive at Pedal, 3 Stadium Walk, #01-04/05 Singapore 397692 10 minutes before the commencement of class for registration and gearing up.

(Find Us here)

Be comfortable. Fitness wear with tights or shorts are recommended to avoid fabric near the pedals. Comfortable trainers are a must, no slippers please.

Safety first. If you own one, please bring your helmet, as it will probably be a better fit.

Last minute changes? We get it.  
Reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours before your booking for a full refund. Read more on our Cancellation Policy.


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