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Halfbike Lessons


With 3 wheels and no seat, the Halfbike is definitely not your run-of-the-mill bike. Put your balance to the test as you ride standing. With the guidance of our trainers, you don't have to be a cyclist or athletic to learn the Halfbike! An adrenaline filled full-body cardio workout that's kind to the knees and joints, are you ready for your next adventure?


Duration: 50 minutes

Format: Each participant will be paired with another during the session. Minimum 2 to start a class.

Venue: Around the Stadium MRT Station (Lesson will be conducted regardless of the weather) 

Lesson Topics:

Part 1: Halfbike Introduction

(a) How to balance and move?

(b) How to get started?

(c) How to dismount?

Part 2: Riding the Halfbike

Demo and Practical

Part 3: Summary and Q&A

(a) How to cruise, change gear and turn? - Theory

(b) How to fold the Halfbike?

For all participants, please take note of the following:

Arrive at Pedal, 3 Stadium Walk, #01-04/05 Singapore 397692 10 minutes before the commencement of class for registration and gearing up.

(Find Us here)

Be comfortable. Fitness wear with tights or shorts are recommended to avoid fabric near the pedals. Comfortable trainers are a must, no slippers please.

Safety first. If you own one, please bring your helmet, as it will probably be a better fit.

Last minute changes? We get it.  
Reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours before your booking for a full refund. Read more on our Cancellation Policy.

Full Body Workout

Besides the constant pedaling, riding on a Halfbike activates our core muscles as well, allowing for an almost full body workout.

Natural Standing Position

Without a saddle, one rides a Halfbike standing upright without leaning forward excessively.

Unique Balancing Training

Running on 3 wheels with a fixed handlebar, the Halfbike puts our balancing skills to the test, requiring each rider to direct by moving our body.


Questions and answers