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Looking to buy a new shiny ride for the kiddo? See what we have in store for kids aged 2 to 14 years old from Frog Bikes, well-known for their lightweight and specifically designed bikes built for small riders.

Why buy Frog Bikes?

• Research-led design, always with the child in mind in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University and Dimitris Katanis, the bicycle engineer behind the GB Olympic Team track bikes

• Frog Bikes are built with lightweight frames that helps our younger riders to manoeuvre the bikes more easily

• Built with only high-quality components including Kinda, Tektro, Shimano and Quango

• Incorporated the Frog crank arms that reduce the Q factor (pedal spacing), allowing kids to pedal more easily

• Offers a wide range extending from the balance and first-pedal bikes to multi-purpose hybrids and more specialist bikes, providing kids the opportunity to progress at their own pace and learn new skills

• All Frog Bikes are designed and built in Great Britain, Pontypool, Wales

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