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Start Cycling as a Family in Singapore

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Cycling is a great aerobic activity that is beneficial to not only your physical health but to your mental wellness. It’s also a fantastic activity for the family, allowing you to squeeze in some quality...

Cycling - The Best Family Activity to Pick Up

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Are you a young parent looking for activities to fill up your children’s schedule on the weekends? How about picking up cycling as a family activity! We are all familiar with the benefits of teaching...

All About Halfbike and Its Hype

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This unique cycling device has already taken Europe by storm and is finally hitting the shores of Singapore! Local cycling enthusiasts will be happy to hear the arrival of this brand new biking activity. But...

Why Cycling Could be the Best Activity for Your Child

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Learning how to ride a bike is a quintessential milestone in every kid’s childhood. Not only is cycling great cardio for your children, it’s also a great way for them to explore and have adventures of their own. Read on for more reasons why cycling could be the best activity for your child and how you can spend more time with them.  

Pedal with Kids | Campaign

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Teaching our kids how to ride a bike can sometimes be daunting with the multiple decisions to be made. Have lots of questions? Fret not, introducing Pedal with Kids who aims to make the daunting task of learning to cycle fun and enjoyable for the young ones! As for parents and guardians, you can now steer clear of breaking your back as we can pedal with the kids so you can still enjoy a cuppa by the side.