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Start Cycling as a Family in Singapore

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Start Cycling as a Family in Singapore

Cycling is a great aerobic activity that is beneficial to not only your physical health but to your mental wellness. It’s also a fantastic activity for the family, allowing you to squeeze in some quality family time whilst clocking in your miles. Bringing your children out on cycling adventures is also a great way to pry technological devices away and get them back in touch with nature. Besides, there’s nothing quite like spending your weekends with your family in the fresh air and with the bright sun gleaming on your face.

Here’s our take on some of the best kid-friendly treks in Singapore to get you started on your family’s biking adventure.

(i) Jurassic Mile Trek (East)

Airport Boulevard

Probably the most exciting biking trail for the kids, with prehistoric dinosaurs accompanying you along this 1 km trek. As it is on flat ground, the trek is relatively easy to embark on and would be sure to keep your kids entertained! If you’re craving for a bigger challenge, you can choose to start on your trek at East Coast Park instead of Terminal 4.

Getting there:
  • If you’re driving or taking private hire, you can park/drop off at Carpark 4A and walk towards the signs that point to Jurassic Mile.
  • If you own a foldie and taking the bus*, alight at the Terminal 4 bus stop and follow the signs to Jurassic Mile.
  • If you’re taking the MRT*, alight at Changi Airport MRT and follow the signs to Terminal 2. After which, follow the signs to the HUB & SPOKE pit stop. Jurassic Mile’s starting point is 2km away from the pitstop.

(ii) Punggol Waterway (North-East)

Sentul Crescent

Enjoy the scenic views of the reservoir whilst cycling through Punggol Waterway. The pavements are well maintained, making it easy to tackle this 4.2km trail. The park is also divided into 4 different sections with themes such as: Green Gallery, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Nature Cove. Notably, the recreation zone includes a water and sand area, perfect for the kids to play in. It’s sure to promise everyone in the family, a fun-filled experience!

Getting there:
  • If you’re driving, you can either park at the Nature Cove or Recreation Zone.
  • If you’re taking the bus*, you can take buses, 3, 34, 43, 62, 82, 83, 84, 85, 136, to Punggol Bus Interchange. After which, proceed on a 10-15 minutes walk from Punggol Central Road to Sentul Crescent Road.
  • If you’re taking the train*, you can transfer to the LRT from Punggol MRT and alight at Damai LRT station. Upon alighting, walk towards Punggol Road where there will be a path leading to the waterway.

(iii) Bedok Reservoir (East)

Bedok Reservoir

If you’re looking for a trail with a range of terrains then Bedok Reservoir is just the place for you! The trail spans about 4.3km and consists of a mix of pebbled and paved paths. If your little one is a more advanced rider, the diverse terrain might suit their fancy. With the establishment of the downtown line, the reservoir is also extremely easy to get to!

Getting there:
  • If you’re driving, there are car parks by the reservoir.
  • If you’re taking the MRT*, alight at Bedok Reservoir station and exit at exit A/B.

Whilst the trail you choose to undertake plays a part in your adventure, it goes without saying that having a trusty two-wheeler would be sure to enhance your experience. Especially for kids, it’s important for them to ride bikes that are ergonomically suited for them. At Pedal, we offer just that! We sell world renowned Frog Bikes that are high quality and ergonomically designed to suit your child and their every biking needs. They’re also lightweight, making the organisation of family biking adventures easier. Order your Frog Bikes with us now and get ready to ride!


*Foldie on bus/MRT/LRT: please check with the respective bus operator and SMRT on the specific requirements.

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