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Cycling - The Best Family Activity to Pick Up

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Cycling - The Best Family Activity to Pick Up

Are you a young parent looking for activities to fill up your children’s schedule on the weekends? How about picking up cycling as a family activity! We are all familiar with the benefits of teaching your child how to cycle but cycling could bring about plenty of benefits for the whole family as well! 


Benefits of cycling as a family 

Promoting Health as a Family

Cycling brings about many cardiovascular benefits and is a good way to keep fit and healthy. Cycling together as a family is a sure way to get everyone involved and keep them accountable for their health. Having regular family cycling activities sets the tone for your children to keep an active lifestyle. Furthermore, parents being engaged in the management of their health also serves as a good example to their children. It will also certainly help to build healthy habits and ensure good health for everyone in the family. Reinforcement of such values will definitely encourage your children to practice them even as they get older and is definitely a worthwhile activity to partake in. 

Bonding Activity for the Family 

Cycling is also another opportunity for you to bond with your children! Whether you are cycling around your neighbourhood grabbing Sunday breakfast or taking on the Marina Bay Loop and admiring Singapore’s pretty skyline, you’d be sure to create precious memories with your loved ones. Not to mention, cycling is a great way to appreciate the city from another perspective. Exploring the city on wheels would definitely provide a different experience. You can even bring this habit beyond borders and cycle around famous sights! 

Cycling with family and friends


Get them outdoors

Cycling is a great activity to detach the little ones from their screens and have them immerse in the world around them. It encourages them to be aware of their surroundings and appreciate the nature and landmarks around them. Get them outside and enjoy a little family adventure!


Gear up and get started

Sounds fantastic? Can’t wait to start on your family’s own Tour de France? But wait! Before you set off on your own biking adventure, gear up with the best biking equipment with Pedal. Pedal offers Frog Bikes for children that are ergonomically designed to suit your child’s every biking needs. Our frog bikes are high quality and lightweight, making your every expedition that much easier to take on. If your little one has yet to learn how to cycle, fret not! Pedal also offers cycling lessons for children below 14. With our trusted trainers, they’ll be kicking off their training wheels in no time!

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