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Why Cycling Could be the Best Activity for Your Child

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Why Cycling Could be the Best Activity for Your Child

Learning how to ride a bike is a quintessential milestone in every kid’s childhood. Not only is cycling great cardio for your children, it’s also a great way for them to explore and have adventures of their own. What more in today’s ever so technologically dynamic society, cycling is a great way to detach from their screens and truly immerse themselves in the world around them. 


Why Cycle?

Essential for a Child’s Holistic Development 

Exercise is fundamental to a child’s physical development. Cycling can help to promote muscle growth and is a sure way to build stamina. Cardiovascular benefits aside, needing to maintain their balance whilst cycling would also prove beneficial to your child’s aerobic capabilities. 

Cycling has also been shown to have beneficial effects on children’s cognitive development. Research has found that cycling can help to increase concentration amongst children. A Danish study  by Science Nordic on 20,000 kids reported that children who cycled to school concentrate better than children who commuted by car or public transport. Furthermore, learning how to cycle would also teach the child perseverance, building their mental resilience. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment the child feels when they successfully pick up the skill, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. 


Great Life Skill 

Biking is a practical life skill to be imparted to your child. From practical gains of an alternative transportation option to simply cycling and wandering around neighbourhoods, the possibilities biking can unlock are endless. Furthermore, with LTA’s plans to increase connectivity via cycling paths, picking up cycling would definitely be an incredible asset to your child. It is also a good way for your child to gain independence by allowing them the means to explore and play on their own terms. 

Kids cycling in park


Promotes Social Cohesion 

Cycling is also a sure way to make new friends and memories! Cycling excursions could be organised amongst friends and family. It’s also a good way to have fun whilst sneaking in a little exercise. After all, aren’t the best moments in life best shared with friends and family? 


Good Bonding Activity with Your Kids 

Cycling is also a great bonding activity you could enjoy with your children! Whether you are exploring MacRitchie reservoir or biking across the Great Divide, cycling could be an easy medium to create shared memories with your children. 


Learn with Pedal

Whilst the benefits of cycling are undeniable, it’s only natural for a parent to worry about the potential safety perils that come with the sport. Hence, it’s important to minimise the risks to maximise the fun! 

At Pedal, we make safety our first priority. When you train with us, we make sure that your little ones are equipped with ergonomically fitted bicycles and proper safety equipment of the highest quality. Rest assured that your little ones will be in good hands. Cycling is a great lifelong activity, so start off the game strong and leave the training to us!

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