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All About Halfbike and Its Hype

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All About Halfbike and Its Hype

This unique cycling device has already taken Europe by storm and is finally hitting the shores of Singapore! Local cycling enthusiasts will be happy to hear the arrival of this brand new biking activity. But just what is a Halfbike and why is it inviting so much excitement?


What is a Halfbike?

Originating from Sofia, Bulgaria, Halfbike is a seatless standing bike with one front wheel and two back wheels. Each Halfbike is handmade and foldable. It’s light weight also makes it easy for you to transport it around for your next biking adventure.
Halfbike engages the whole body and is sure to provide you with a hearty workout - regardless if you are a beginner or a well-versed fitness junkie. It is also a low impact activity, ensuring that your joint health is in tip top shape!


How do you ride a Halfbike? 

Similar to riding a bike, you manoeuvre around a Halfbike by pedalling. However, since a Halfbike is a standing bike, it requires you to maintain your balance in a way that’s way different from how you would on a regular two wheeler. Also, unlike a regular bicycle, the handle on the Halfbike does not have a steering function. Much like skiing, you’re completely reliant on your body weight to move left or right!

Ride in style with a Halfbike today! 

While Halfbike does indeed bear a learning curve, rest assured that many pick it up easily within a few tries. Moreover, with our friendly and professional trainers, you’d be able to pick up and conquer the Halfbike in no time! Register for classes with Pedal here!

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